Tiny House Design: Boulder

Boulder Tiny House frontBoulder, CO is one of the most progressive cities in the Rockies. Not only will you find more liberal thinking folks there, but you will also see more modern architecture dispersed amongst the traditional mountain, craftsman, and ranch style houses. I developed this tiny house model as a option for people desiring something more contemporary. Not only that, this particular tiny house design is meant to be one of the more affordable options and one of the easier Tiny Houses to tow. I have carefully thought out the details to eliminate any aspect that is just not needed as well as to make the construction process very easy. Whether you decide to buy a ready made house or build one yourself, the bottom line is great tiny house design at an even better price point. For instance, I integrated custom sized windows that fit between studs 24″ o.c. This way, there aren’t any extra trimmer studs and the framing is very efficient, also aiding in insulating. The single slope roof is low on the front end and rises gently up to create enough height for a sleeping loft in the rear. This roof design is not only much easier to frame than a gable, but results in a more aerodynamic shape. Unlike most Tiny Houses, there is no wood framing built on top of the trailer frame. Instead, the custom trailer is the frame, reducing the overall height by 3 1/2″, which in Tiny House design is quite a bit.  Another unique feature of this house are the alternating stairs up to the loft that also double as storage space and a tiny office.

In a nutshell:

  • Trailer: 7′-6″ wide footprint on a 16′ trailer. Max height is 13′-4″It has two axles with electric brakes rated at 3500# each. The dry weight as shown is 4,800 lbs.
  • This model is designed for a completely grid tied scenario. with 120v AC plug in, water hose connection, and drain pipe to be connected to a cleanout or RV/mobile home sewer system.
  • Two 30# propane tanks feed an on-demand water heater and stove top burner.
  • PEX plumbing throughout and all fittings used are lead free.
  • Floor, walls, and ceiling are all insulated with 3 1/2″ of EPS foam.
  • The exterior siding is a combination of reclaimed corrugated tin and cedar boards.
  • Windows are a mix of vinyl casements, awnings, and fixed by Jeld Wen.
  • Most interior finishes are 1/4″ plywood painted white on walls and clear coated on the ceiling. There are some sections that use barnwood and aromatic cedar accents.
  • Dry bath utilizes a full size 32″ shower with a fiberglass pan and recycled Plas-Tex walls. There is a tiny sink that is mounted to the wall and features a faucet made from plumbing parts.
  • Alternating tread stairs that double as storage and office spaced.
  • Spacious loft
  • Simple yet productive galley kitchen
  • Optional folding porch and awning

For a more detailed look at the Boulder currently for sale, check out this blog post. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures!